Moen Bathtub Fixture Repair

Replacing Moen Roman Tub Faucet - How To Get Out Old Hardware

Moen manufactures faucets for kitchen and bath. After continued use, parts can become worn and develop problems. If the bathtub faucet starts leaking, or not easily move the handle or the faucet does not shut all the way, there could be a valve cartridge damaged or frayed. The cartridge valve monitors the output of hot and cold water tap. This problem can be fixed with a new cartridge.



Things you need

  • Screwdriver
  • Needle-pliers
  • Refill tub valve Moen
  1. Turn off the water supply to the bathroom, turning the water valve to the right. The water valve is usually near the bathroom or basement of your home.
  2. Remove the decorative cover over the bathtub faucet, popping it with a screwdriver flathead. Loosen the single screw under the faucet handle tub with the screwdriver and pull the handle. Remove the shell plate with the screwdriver. The plate is on the wall behind the faucet.
  3. Take the retaining clip with needle-pliers and pull it out. The clip is located on top of the valve cartridge and protects it. Gently turn the cartridge valve and back with needle-pliers to pry it loose.
  4. Push the new cartridge in place was the former. Position it so that the letters "HC" are visible at the top and the teeth on the line cartridge with teeth on the valve and it should lock into place. Gently stick the hose clamp at the top of the cartridge to snap it.
  5. Replace the faucet handle by tightening the screw with the screwdriver flathead. Push the decorative cover behind the handle. Secure the plate mirror on the wall, tightening the screws.
  6. Turn on the water and test what works the cock.

2007-02-11 20:23:38 by toconnect

Why the hell cant I get my faucet

To the damn water hoses? I recently purchased 4 new Moen bathroom faucets and instead of having copper feeder lines with brazed or soldered on male threaded pieces I have 16 inches of soft copper tubing. This tubing is 3/8th outer diameter. I have tried compression fittings from Lowe's and Homedepot. The compression fittings say they are 3/8 but they are several thousandth's bigger than my copper pipe and the compression nut literally ovals before it will get tight enough to seal. I tried getting solder on fittings but there doesn't appear to be the correct parts at Lowes or HD. I am pissed off to no end with my friggen multiple trips to the god damned store and I can't...

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